Homepage Checklist: Turn Your Visitors into Paying Clients

You may be a skillful designer, an experienced copywriter, or a great marketing consultant. But you may still feel overwhelmed when it comes to creating a website for your business that brings you new clients.

This business homepage checklist shows you, step-by-step, how to create a homepage that will impress your prospects and become a solid foundation for your business growth.

70+ tips for every part of your homepage:


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A homepage structure template that shows you how to position different sections and graphic elements on your page to make your message stronger.

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For your homepage visitors to even consider hiring you or enrolling in your courses, they should be able to:

Let’s look at every part of your homepage and see what you have to do to make sure you get the full score on all these points.


This is the first section that your prospects will see. The goals of your hero sections are to:

Here’s what you should add to your hero section to achieve these goals.

Website Tagline Examples:



Tip: To make sure that your website tagline is clear, ask yourself if you would use the same words to explain what you do to a stranger. Will they understand it right away or will you have to explain further?

When in doubt, use this surefire tagline formula: {What I am}. I {do what} {for whom} {with what benefit}.

Hero Section (sign-ups oriented):

If the purpose of your homepage is to grow your email list, you may want a different hero section that contains the following elements:

In this case, make sure to include your name and what you do (for ex., “copywriter”, “editor”) on top of the page (for ex., in the top-left corner).


Together with the hero section, navigation is one of the first parts of your website your prospects will look at.

The goal of the navigation is to make it as easy as possible for your prospects to find relevant information.

Here’s what makes a website navigation effective:

Tip: Drop-down menus irritate your visitors and lose you visits to important pages. Reorganize the information on your website to have only top-level navigation.

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Where should I send you this?

Get this awesome checklist by subscribing to my weekly tips on improving your website.