Digital Product Planner


Make digital product planning easier than ever with Digital Product Planner! Our pre-made workbook helps you plan, create and launch your digital products with ease. Perfect for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and creative professionals looking for a comprehensive guide to creating their digital products. Get your hands on the Digital Product Planner today – the ultimate tool to streamlining your digital product creation and launching process!


Attention entrepreneurs, freelancers, and creatives! Are you struggling to create the perfect digital product? Look no further than the Digital Product Planner! Our comprehensive workbook guides you through the entire process from ideation to launch, making your digital product planning easier than ever before.

The Digital Product Planner is your all-in-one solution to creating profitable digital products. With our easy-to-follow steps and expert advice, you’ll be able to define your passion, discover your niche, and research your ideal customer, all while crafting your perfect product idea.

Our workbook includes everything you need to know about digital products, from defining your strengths and problems to brainstorming names and crafting your marketing message. Plus, with our templates for mini-courses, digital downloads, and more, you can choose the perfect product type for your business needs.

But that’s not all! The Digital Product Planner also includes a FAQ builder, launch promotion planner, and content brainstorming section, making it easier than ever to get your digital product off the ground.

With 47 printable pages of expert guidance, the Digital Product Planner is the perfect tool for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and creatives looking to create profitable digital products with ease.

What’s included:

  • Steps to profitable digital products
  • Define your passion
  • Passion, strengths & problems
  • What do you research?
  • Interest, experience, characteristics
  • Your knowledge & skillset
  • Discover your niche
  • Niche down
  • Digital product niche
  • Digital products 101
  • The audience
  • Research your ideal customer
  • What your ideal customers really want
  • Types of digital products
  • Examples of digital products
  • Your digital product ideas
  • Crafting your idea matrix
  • Need more inspiration
  • Brainstorming names
  • The offer
  • The package
  • The creation
  • Course vs membership
  • Mini course template
  • Digital download
  • Low ticket funnel map
  • High ticket funnel map
  • Profitable product pricing 3 steps
  • Marketing message
  • Fun ways to launch
  • FAQs builder
  • My launch goal
  • Launch promotion
  • Content brainstorm
  • Promotion planner
  • Checklist
  • Brain dump
  • Thoughts & ideas for your next product
  • 47 Pages
  • Printable PDF

Take the guesswork out of digital product planning and start using Digital Product Planner today!

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