Magnetic Lead Magnets


Magnetic Leads is the ultimate solution for small business owners looking to supercharge your email sign ups and direct sales. I make your magnetic lead magnets for you, that attract perfect-for-you audience members to your email list. My done-for-you service includes professionally designed lead magnets, social media graphics and captions, Facebook covers, Pinterest pins, and tried and tested lead magnet titles. Say goodbye to the stress and time of building lead magnets yourself and hello to a booming email list with Magnetic Leads.


Are you tired of struggling to create a lead magnet that actually attracts your ideal audience and gets them excited about what you have to offer? Are you ready to supercharge your email sign-ups with a magnetic lead magnet that converts visitors into subscribers and customers? Look no further than Magnetic Lead Magnets, your ultimate solution to creating and marketing an amazing lead magnet that showcases why you are the one for them.

What is a Magnetic Lead Magnet?

A magnetic lead magnet is an irresistible offer that entices your ideal audience to sign up for your email list. It showcases your expertise and value, while solving a specific problem or meeting a particular need that your audience has. With a magnetic lead magnet, you can attract more high-quality subscribers to your email list, who are more likely to engage with your brand and become paying customers.

Why do you need a Magnetic Lead Magnet?

Email lists are a powerful tool for small business owners. They give you more control over your business by allowing you to communicate directly with your audience, without relying on the algorithms of social media platforms. A magnetic lead magnet can help you build your email list with ease, by offering your ideal audience something of value that they can’t resist.

If you’re struggling to create a lead magnet that truly showcases your value and entices your ideal audience to sign up, Magnetic Leads is the perfect solution for you. I can create a professionally designed lead magnet of up to 40 pages, complete with engaging covers, indexes, and pages that showcase why you are the perfect fit for your audience. From checklists to text pages in different layouts, list pages, toolkit pages, roadmap pages, “how to” guides, gift guides, 30-day challenges, daily planners, collection pages, and more, I have you covered.

Magnetic Lead Magnet Marketing

Once your magnetic lead magnet is created, it’s time to promote it and attract as many high-quality subscribers as possible. This is where Magnetic Leads really shines. I provide you with captions and calls to action that persuasively promote your lead magnet to your audience, as well as stop-the-scroll social media post templates, stories and reels, attention-grabbing Facebook covers, and Pinterest pins for powerful promotion. With Magnetic Leads, you have everything you need to turn your lead magnet into a lead-generating machine.

Get Your Magnetic Lead Magnet Today

Whether you’re an ecommerce, service-based, or digital product business owner, if you’re ready to take your email list to the next level, Magnetic Leads is the solution you’ve been looking for. With a professionally designed, engaging lead magnet and all the marketing materials you need to promote it, you can attract high-quality subscribers to your email list and turn them into paying customers and clients.

Magnetic Leads – Done-for-You Magnetic Lead Magnet and Lead Magnet Marketing


  • Professionally designed lead magnet up to 40 pages with engaging covers, index pages, and different page layouts such as checklists, text pages, list pages, toolkit pages, roadmap, “how-to” guides, gift guides, 30-day challenges, daily planners, collection pages, and more.
  • Bold page breaks with inspiring messages, quote pages, and multiple call-to-action pages to get results.
  • 10 captivating captions and calls to action for more sign ups to persuade the world about your amazing lead magnet.
  • 20 stop-the-scroll social media post templates to showcase your lead magnet, grabbing your audience’s attention and urging them to sign up for your email list.
  • 10 stories and reels to get your audience off social media and onto your email list.
  • 5 attention-grabbing Facebook covers that turn your Facebook page or group into a lead magnet.
  • 5 Pinterest pins for powerful promotion, driving traffic to your lead magnet.
  • 5 tried and tested magnetic lead magnet titles that make people pay attention.


  • Save time and effort in creating and marketing a magnetic lead magnet by taking advantage of the done-for-you solution.
  • Attract more sign ups and direct sales by having an amazing and enticing lead magnet that has people running to sign up and pay attention.
  • Fill your email list with perfect-for-you audience members, giving you more control of your business by getting away from the algorithm and converting more sales from your email marketing efforts.
  • Stand out online and get people not only onto your email list but also converting to paying customers and clients.
  • Professionally designed lead magnet up to 40 pages with multiple call-to-action pages to get results, making your lead magnet and email list building process more efficient and effective.
  • Engaging captions, social media post templates, stories and reels, Facebook covers, and Pinterest pins that showcase your lead magnet and make people pay attention, persuading them to sign up and join your email list.

Don’t let the stress and time of creating a lead magnet hold you back from building your email list and growing your business. Let me handle everything for you with Magnetic Leads.

Don’t wait any longer to get started on your magnetic lead magnet and marketing. Let’s get your email list booming today with Magnetic Leads.

How it works

You will need to provide me with the following information:

1. A clear understanding of what the product or service is and how it will benefit your customers.

2. An understanding of your target audience, including demographic information and what problems you are trying to solve.

3. An overview of your freebie.

4. Your website and any other materials such as brochures, flyers, or ads that you may have used to promote your business.

5. Any specific design requirements you may have, such as colors, fonts , or images.

6. Any documents you have created, such as a logo, press kit, or marketing materials.

10. As many testimonials from your clients as possible. Including their images and permission to use it online.

Refund Policy

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